About Us

Finding Made Easy For Advertisers and Searchers

  • Fed-up that your ads in online directories are cirtually invisible to the search engines?
  • Getting little or no traffic or custom as a result of your existing ads?
  • Are your existing entries in other directories looking drab and uninspired?
  • Frustrated that it takes forever to get requested changes reflected in your ads?
  • Customers telling you they found it difficult to find your ad?
  • Then go no further. Search Easy is here!

We’ve been providing state-of-the-art online business directory facilities to our clients from our Perth HQ for around 6 years.

So we know a thing or two about what people need when looking for an entry in an online business directory. We can help you to achieve a degree of business visibility that could make the difference between just survival and success.

For searchers, Search Easy’s site is clearly laid out, intuitive to use and most important of all, it contains good comprehensive contact information relating to the people and companies listed within it.

Advertisers can create their own account and advertisements and modify them as required. So, your information and look is under YOUR control not somebody else’s.

Even more importantly, at Search Easy we are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). That means you can be sure that your advertisement won’t be sitting somewhere hundreds of pages down a search engine’s listing where it will never be seen.

Of course, we can’t sell your service to your clients for you. Only your own advertisements will do that but what we can do is to offer you expert advice on advertisement design and the sales propositions that need to sit behind them in order to help catch a potential customer’s eye.

So, whether you’re a Dentist, Vet, Restaurant Owner or a top-class Car Mechanic, you can be sure that Search Easy is where your potential client base will be looking.

So, don’t waste any more time battling to find what you need elsewhere. Let Search Easy do it for you!